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 Tonight is set to be notable night for WWE Smackdown as the brand celebrates their 600th episode and adds last minute hype to Sunday's Elimination Chamber Pay Per View.

Payback 2015 Live Stream

The Chamber: The structure is a giant circle that covers the ringside area. There are four plexiglass chambers for the wrestlers to wait in and the area outside the ring between the chambers is made of steel grating. The domed structure is made of solid steel beams with thick ropes of chain making the structure impossible to escape. The Elimination Chamber is 36 foot in diameter, consists of over 2 miles of chain, is 16 feet high, and weighs over 10 tons. The WWE claims to have spent over $500,000 to construct it.

Then on Tuesday night, WWE says that there was another voting error in the main event match with the stipulation or the 6 man match. WWE officials realized that the votes weren't being calculated properly and decided to go to the live chat poll and got the fans votes that way.

However, these days, WWE wrestler, Chris Jericho, will be hosting a new game show on ABC, "Downfall." Contestants on "Downfall" will be preforming crazy stunts like "The Amazing Race." The biggest difference is the contestant will on a rooftop with Jericho in Los Angeles rather than trekking across the globe to play the games. Be on the look out for the first episode on Tuesday, June 22, 2010, at 9:00 PM EDT on ABC.

In the United States, 'Mania 26 scored 491,000 buys and 394,000 internationally. The intial reports were putting this year's Mania at 510,000 domestic buys. This is a solid drop from Wrestlemania 25 which had 582,000 domestic buys. Considering, that Wrestlemania is WWE's biggest annual PPV event which has the most effort put into it with promotion, marketing, and production, this is really scary news.

You can get to wwe payback 2015 live hardcore superstars like Edge, Miz, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, Kane, and many more wrestle in the very ring live on December 19th, this Sunday. Doesn't it feels good that now you do not have to go all the way to Houston, Texas and visit Toyota Center to watch this event live? I bet it feels good now. I know how exciting it is to wwe payback 2015 live mega event live in front of you but trust me, if you watch it live on your monitor screen; it would be much better. Once you watch TLC 2010 online for free you will prefer watching all your favorite events like this.

CARLISLE: It actually hit me when I heard my name recognized as the winner. When I was handed the title, it confirmed everything I've worked so hard for since the day I started. I never thought I'd be as successful and lucky as I've been. I thought when I was managing that I had made it because I was there. But things have taken off in ways I've never thought possible. It's a great honor to me to be the NWA World Women's Champion. The National Wrestling Alliance is growing day by day, and I'm very proud and honored to be a part of it.

On Wednesday, March 17, 2010 from 10:00 A.M.-11:30 A.M. is the University of Arizona's Historic Walking Tour which starts off at the U of A Visitor Center. By taking this tour you will learn about the University of Arizona's landmarks, history and traditions. Reservations are strongly suggested. The U of A's Visitor Center is located at: 811 N. Euclid Avenue. Metered parking is close by and there's a fee to park in the nearby parking garages. The Visitor Center's telephone number is: 520-621-5130.

In just five short years, Washington, DC native Kacee Carlisle has gone from a last-minute replacement to the top of the mountain. Recently, she took a few minutes to sit down following a title match in Houston to talk about how she broke into the business as well as influences and the NWA World Women's Championship.

F). St. Philip's Plaza Farmers Market at 4380 N. Campbell Avenue, which is at the southeast corner of River Road and Campbell Avenue is on Saturdays from 9:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M. Ask if they are on Sundays too.
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